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The state of Ohio, Real Estate and Professional Licensing Department requires 21 hours of continuing education, (CE credits) before each professional Ohio Real Estate License renewal. . RealEstateLicenseOnline.US makes it as convenient as possible, to complete this renewal component, with our pre-approved and accepted Ohio Real Estate Class(es) online.

Simply register, pay, and immediately start learning/earning some of your Ohio Real Estate CE credits….at a price as low as $8.25 per hour. RealEstateLicenseOnline.US helps you complete your continuing education requirement(s), In a much more user-friendly way. Just log-in, and then you can start/stop each class module, as life interrupts. You will always return to exactly where you left off. Study on a PC from work and home or most any tablet/mobile device. Complete these Ohio Real Estate classes on YOUR schedule….not wasting a weekend in a hotel meeting room, or spending hours and hours in the back of a steakhouse, somewhere.

Are you ready to renew your professional Ohio Real Estate License? RealEstateLicenseOnline.US offers a wide variety of class options to fulfill the professional registration requirement of 21-hours of continuing education credits. We offer two pre-selected packages [for $169.oo complete] or you can select classes ala-cart [for under $8.25 per CE credit hour]

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Continuing education helps you stay up to date. ALL classes at RealEstateLicenseOnline.US are based on the most current , up-to-date state of Ohio, Real Estate and Professional Licensing Department Curriculum, and it’s the most convenient way to fulfill these CE requirements.

All of our Ohio Real Estate License Course(s) have NO HIDDEN FEES. We guarantee this price, with NO “up-sell” for textbooks, workbooks, “certificates fees” or any other additional cost(s). Additionally, Our classes are custom built specific to the Ohio Real Estate course content requirements. Some online sites sell a generic “50-state” class, that may not be accepted, when it’s time to submit your paperwork. Our classes are Pre-approved, which is why we can make [and keep] the Guarantees we offer. You don’t want your “money-back”. You want the time and effort you put into the classes to be accepted, the FIRST time.

Thanks for trusting your Real Estate professional education to RealEstateLicenseOnline.US